SENSITIVE AND IN LOVE (when a seemingly unbearable flaw becomes a gift to the world)

What do you do when you feel you are born with an unbearable flaw, and you don’t know yet that you share it with 1.4 billion people.  Rob and Jessica grew up feeling just that. Inspired by the international bestseller The Highly Sensitive Person and global media sensation 36 Questions that lead to Love, SENSITIVE AND IN LOVE tells their story. Besides their sensitivity, the brother and sister share a traumatic childhood. Jessica is an accomplished writer in San Francisco, but every one of her romantic relationships have crashed and burned.  Rob, a successful music producer in Manila, has a seemingly happy marriage, but it is headed for a cliff.  Robbie insists Jessica comes to the Philippines for a much-needed break. While there, a single mistake opens Jessica to the world and a terrifying moment for Robbie opens him to a real family connection.

From the director of Oprah, Clint Eastwood, Lenny Kravitz – Will Harper, and the producer of the original documentary Sensitive-The Untold Story featuring Alanis Morissette- Diana Sinelnikova.


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  • Linda Villegas

    Oh My…..I too have lived a very different life. I am a retired psychotherapist and family nurse practitioner who seemed to be overly tuned into everything, often misunderstood and often looking for a secret place to rest.. Despite feeling different and sometimes behaving differently than most of my peers, I loved and was always loved, inquired and studied everything, always had friends, lovers a few.. I found work I loved and lived. I almost always could find a positive way through doubt and confusion, anxiety and fear. However I/We managed a long term marriage with the help I received from others, I/we successfully parented four original and different children. I am divorced now and still find I can fall in love at 75yrs of age. What a surprise! It’s now such a complicated scenario. I thought I would retire to a “Secret Garden” somewhere, because I really don’t fit in most senior milieus. My senses and imagination never stop…but slowing down a bit in recent years. The “Sensitive” movie trailer almost stopped my heart in recognition of myself..and others I have known. I will join your project very soon. Sincerely, Linda

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