“I could finally understand why I felt different…”- Adriana Shuman

Adriana Shuman was one of the biggest supporters of Sensitive. Like for many HSPs discovering Elaine Aron’s research had a major impact on her and her family’s life. Here is what she had to say:

My friend who had watched me suffer through many situations suggested I read the HSP book. 
After reading the book and finding that my daughter and I ARE both HSPs my passion for learning about this trait and understanding the importance of others learning about this trait grew stronger. 
Being involved with The movie Sensitive over the past year brought a peace, understanding and freedom to our lives. 
I could finally understand why I feel different, why my Intuition is so strong and why my emotions and thinking are so deep.It’s crucial for adults who are suffering from being misunderstood and feeling lost and overwhelmed to find a sense of empowerment. Thanks to Elaine Aron and this amazing team, now my daughter is proud and confident of being an HSP the deep, sensitive thinker! This is a tremendous way to help her grow and go through life achieving her highest potential.
This documentary is extremely important to be seen by all involved with children, from school teachers to therapists and especially parents.This documentary is so important for the whole world to see, HSPs and non HSPs. I can only imagine the freedom and empowerment it can bring to so many as it has brought to me and my daughter. 
I have watched this documentary since its premiere 5 times with friends and teachers and every time I watch it I have tears in my eyes!”

Adriana Shuman


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