We have been so busy making the latest movie – Sensitive And In Love– that we almost overlooked some major exciting events that happened to Sensitive-The Untold Story in the last few days!

Sensitive-The Untold Story is now available on Amazon US and UK and will be available on Amazon in Germany and Japan in the coming days. It also happens to be one of the highest rated movies on Amazon with a rating of 8.7! It is amazing to see that films that changed the world are rated less than Sensitive. We are very humbled by it, because in the end it is not about the accomplishments of the film, but the crucial message it is spreading.

Most importantly the film is now available through Kanopy digital streaming to over 3,000 universities worldwide, where students and professors can watch the film for free.

It’s been a year since the film has been released and we continue to receive touching comments and emails about the powerful impact it is having on people’s lives. The film is clearly extremely important to the people on this planet.

We want to thank our Sensitive Team- the executive producers, Kickstarter supporters and film participants who donated their time- you helped create something very special. We are in this together. Sensitive-The Untold Story is not just a movie. It is spreading a message and the world is responding. With your help we woke up a movement.


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