Since the release of Sensitive-The Untold Story, we have received hundreds of emails, tweets and Facebook comments from the viewers expressing how the film changed their lives because it helped them understand themselves and their loved ones better. Many of them struggled their entire lives and now they found comfort in knowing that there is nothing wrong with them. The film is clearly doing its job and we couldn’t have done it without our Kickstarter supporters.

Sensitive-The Untold Story is now available to the public digitally as well as on DVD with subtitles in 9 languages. It made it on the top ten must see documentaries list in a very impressive line up that includes Oprah’s latest release “Belief”. The film has been screened in schools, universities, mental health organizations, churches and other groups. In December 2015 the government of Singapore issued Sensitive-The Untold Story a PG rating and screening permit, and we had our first public screening in Asia, followed by a screening in the Philippines. We are very proud of what grew out of what was a grassroots movement 2 years ago, with over 1,300 Kickstarter fans from around the world, endorsement from Alanis Morissette, and a few generous donors.

We are very excited to announce that we are getting ready to produce the 2nd film: Sensitive and in Love

SENSITIVE AND IN LOVE is the long-awaited film based on the research of Dr. Elaine Aron, research psychologist and author of the international bestsellers The Highly Sensitive Person and The Highly Sensitive Person in Love. She and her husband, Dr. Art Aron, have also been researching love and how to make close relationships last since they met decades ago. Today, Art is one of the world’s leading relationship researchers , known for his pioneering brain imaging studies of love and his famous 36 Questions for building intimacy.

This film is so necessary for everyone in any kind of close relationship, or wanting to be. This is true whether you are highly sensitive or not. Almost everyone is in a close relationship with an HSP, whose finely tuned nervous system, which picks up on subtleties and reflects deeply, can be a tremendous romantic asset if both partners understand it. But without that understanding, high sensitivity can make close relationships – partners and also friends and family- painful and complicated.

Research finds that 42% of what determines break up is partners’ genetic temperament. But there’s no “divorce” gene! It’s simply that people are so unaware of the role of innate temperament in relationships. We may want our partner to change, but temperament is a factor that cannot be changed.

There is much to learn, especially if you are one of the 20% who were born highly sensitive, or if you are someone who loves one. You are fortunate because so much is known about the trait. This film is based on solid research on love, and specifically on highly sensitive persons (HSPs) in love. It also captures the experiences of HSPs themselves, with their partners, and reveals the advantages to be appreciated plus the problems, and solutions that you need to know.

Elaine and Art have experienced the messages of this film: She is highly sensitive and he is not, so they have researched and lived this film every day, in the office but also at home.

Sensitive and in Love is produced by award-winning team Diana Sinelnikova Harper and Will Harper of the GlobalTouch Group.





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  • Linda Villegas

    Oh My…..I too have lived a very different life. I am a retired psychotherapist and family nurse practitioner who seemed to be overly tuned into everything, often misunderstood and often looking for a secret place to rest.. Despite feeling different and sometimes behaving differently than most of my peers, I loved and was always loved, inquired and studied everything, always had friends, lovers a few.. I found work I loved and lived. I almost always could find a positive way through doubt and confusion, anxiety and fear. However I/We managed a long term marriage with the help I received from others, I/we successfully parented four original and different children. I am divorced now and still find I can fall in love at 75yrs of age. What a surprise! It’s now such a complicated scenario. I thought I would retire to a “Secret Garden” somewhere, because I really don’t fit in most senior milieus. My senses and imagination never stop…but slowing down a bit in recent years. The “Sensitive” movie trailer almost stopped my heart in recognition of myself..and others I have known. I will join your project very soon. Sincerely, Linda

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