Sensitive – The Untold Story film world premiere

We had a full house of HSP’s and non-HSP’s last night at the ‘Sensitive-The Untold Story’ world premiere at the Legion of Honor Museum in San Francisco, CA and 52 countries were streaming it online. Both Elaine and the film got a standing ovation.

Here is what Alanis Morissette had to say about ‘Sensitive-The Untold Story’:

“bless you for writing the book 
and bless you for making this film

it is an honor to have been a part of it, and to be part of this generous outreach to so many HSP’s and their loved ones.
such a major contribution to the world.

congratulations on a truly stunning documentary…. to you and your whole team


There is still an opportunity to see the live stream of the entire film premiere until Sept. 13 9:30PM PST. Please click the green “click me” button on and follow the directions to the live stream.


Our emcee- the author of “36 questions that lead to love”, world renowned research psychologist and Dr. Elaine Aron’s husband- Dr. Art Aron.


Interviewing John Hughes. His story is in the film!


Welcome by Diana Sinelnikova Harper, the producer of ‘Sensitive-The Untold Story’.


Introducing Spencer Koffman, one of the film’s executive producers.


Q&A. Jacquelin Strickland, the co-founder of HSP Gathering Retreats.


Will Harper, the director of ‘Sensitive-The Untold Story’


Dr. Elaine Aron, the author of “The Highly Sensitive Person” delivering a compelling speech.


Doors Open


Sensitive-The Untold Story film producer Diana Sinelnikova Harper, and director Will Harper.



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  • Ben

    Where/when will the movie be available to the larger public? I am eager to watch the movie, but was not able to watch the stream.

  • Joan

    Will you be releasing the movie to the general public? I had been waiting for this movie and missed the release! Is there a way to get a copy. As a HSP and a therapist this work is so important to share to others.

    Thank you,
    Joan Lovins

  • Sam

    Will there be another opportunity to see this movie or do we have to purchase the DVD?

  • Dawn Nichol

    About 4 years ago I felt liberated after a friend mentioned highly sensitive people and Dr Aron. I have since helped my clients become more aware of themselves being HSP. I work with people who abuse drugs and alcohol and I can see how they would self-medicate to quiet the world. I am looking forward to purchasing this video and just the clip alone made me cry…thank you …thank you..

  • Thiago

    Hi, as I missed the premiere, how can I watch this movie? Is it going to be available somewhere or be sold in a DVD?

    Please let me know. I’m really eager to see it.

  • Laura de Otalvaro

    I am so grateful that you made the film available for viewing online for the premiere. I really want to show it to my family, however, and the online experience expired on September 13. When will it be available for streaming or on DVD? It is such an important message to share. Spreading awareness about HSPs will hopefully lead to their more meaningful integration into society.

  • Ghada Mehdi

    Since childhood I felt different. I always thought that there was something wrong with me! Later on, since 22 years I experienced hard times with “anxiety and panic attacks”. The funny thing, the doctor at that time told me I’m very sensitive! My mother didn’t make any effort to understand me. So the whole world collapsed. Strangely, these experiences led me to try to understand what I was going through and I ended up studying many healing modalities that assisted me to find more balance. I started to be labeled “Intuitive” “Psychic” “Empath”. But, there was always missing and I was feeling frustrated, until lately I was so lucky to know about the HSP! At moments I feel sad that I was never understood, and others I feel relieved because at least now I know what it is about and willing to start embracing myself!
    Great movie! And thank you for all the effort that you put to make it! Total gratitude!

  • Patricia Leritz-Higgins

    I have been trying to find out how to acquire the movie “Sensitive the untold story” and I cannot find it. I couldn’t find it on Netflix. Can someone advise me as to where to go to acquire this movie?

  • Nombre *

    When will I able to see/buy this wonderful film in Spain, please?? Thanks un advance.

  • Nombre *

    When will I able to see/buy this wonderful film in Spain, please?? Thanks in advance.

  • Steve

    I just watched the movie (received my DVD copy from the Kickstarter campaign reward) a couple of days ago.

    Love the movie. Obviously, I see my self in it. Thanks so much Elaine and everyone else who made it possible.

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