DailyOM’s Madisyn Taylor Reveals Her Highly Sensitive Temperament

It is very common for highly sensitive people to be self employed. For a number of reasons. They don’t survive in negative work places, with negative co-workers or negative bosses. They get easily overstimulated. Oftentimes highly sensitive people are very creative, have a lot to offer and look for meaning in the job they perform. Oftentimes they choose to be on their own.
DailyOM’s Madisyn Taylor is a perfect example. In the beginning of her career she always worked for other people. She worked in an office and couldn’t take being be in an office. She couldn’t take the lighting. “I couldn’t stand being cooped up.” She was overstimulated  by too many people. She was always told that she is “too sensitive’, when she was just being herself. After years of struggling she decided that she wanted to do something that would be a benefit to people and, in her own words, “would change the world”.
She and her husband founded DailyOM, an online publication about consciousness, awareness, ways to improve your life and meditation, which goes out to 1.3 million loyal followers daily. Madisyn’s story is featured in “Sensitive-The Untold Story”. In her interview, she beautifully explains how she turned her sensitivity “from a curse, to a blessing” and how it serves her creative writing: “It helps me be an antenna for the world through my writing, I know what’s going on in the universe and what people need to hear and then I can write about it”.
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