Grateful 2U :-)


Dearest HSPs, Donors, Our Families and Production Team ☺ Thank You, Thank You and Thank You for helping us reach our min. goal of $50,000.00. This is what a global village can do when we come together and get behind what we believe in. We are committed and promise to make the best film possible within the reach of our creative abilities, sensitive sensibilities, scientist, experts, you and Elaine Aron. The story will be well told, life changing, memorable and embellished with stunning cinematography. As we produce ‘Sensitive The Untold Story’ we will also be producing ‘Behind The Scenes’ snippets as we progress through the film making process ☺ I am also so thrilled to see you all chatting and sharing stories and I am delighted by the attention we are getting from around the WORLD. I am stunned that Alanis Morissette is on board. We chatted with her for an hour the other day and her personal HSP story will absolutely bring joy to your heart. She is not only a gifted songwriter, orator and performer, she is a good human being and will bring a lot to this story. I have a lot to be thankful for! It’s a beautiful day where I am and I hope the sun is shining on you wherever you are, again THANK YOU ALL for making this a reality. Ok, enough said, we have less than two weeks before it’s lights, camera, and action. Best Regards, Will Harper, Director



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