Dear “Backers”,


I finally made myself look at the comments. I knew it would be highly overstimulating, and that I would want to answer every single one of you. But it is also so moving, as many have you noted, to read these comments. For some reason I especially love the ones from places distant from me. And the one about the book by the mother writing about her son’s suicide having to do with his having been sensitive–I have always suspected many suicides by youths, especially boys, are due to them being HSPs without any understanding of who they really are. Imagine saying a few lives with this movie?


I also love the many suggestions. How will we take them all in? It seems like we have enough material for three or four movies, but I am trusting Will and Diana Harper (Director and Producer) to make use of all the ideas and potential interviews as much as they can. They are about to go to Europe, for another job, but will use being there to interview some HSPs there, too. It seems like a huge responsibility, making this film in a way that meets at least some of your needs and expectations. But we will do the best we can.


I also appreciate Shari, one of our team members, being so responsive to you all. It’s just her sweet way, but I do appreciate it.


I think we will all look back on these 21 days as a huge step in the history of this, well, I don’t like to say it, but a huge step in this “movement” of sensitive people stepping up to express themselves. You have voted for this movie with your hard earned dollars. No one in the movie industry would have thought this film would be wanted, I am sure. Your wish for this movie will say something to the world, I am certain.


Human society needs all of you so desperately. (No pressure there!) Just be yourselves, express your sense of the long term consequences of what we humans are doing, using your deep feelings and your sense of the subtleties, and all this without becoming overstimulated! (As if I manage that 10% of the time…)


Tuesday we say good-bye, I guess, although you can still comment here, I think, and certainly on the movie website and on mine. Stay in touch with each other, support each other.




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  • Leila Boukarim

    This is fantastic! I feel privileged to be part of this movement, and of this new era for HSPs. When I started blogging about our experiences with our Highly Sensitive son less that a year ago, I had to REALLY look for others like me. I stumbled upon your book by chance! I didn’t know what I was searching for. A few months later I started to meet more and more people who have dedicated themselves to spreading the word (your word, Dr. Aron) and to helping others better understand themselves and their children.

    I really look forward to seeing not only this movie, but also a message from you announcing the making of a movie about HSCs.

    Wishing you the best of luck in everything that you do…

    Leila Boukarim
    Sensitive and Extraordinary Kids

  • Nancy

    I just came across the news about the movie while sending a friend I suspect is also Highly Sensitive Dr. Aron’s website link. Thank you SO MUCH for doing this movie. Finding out I have the trait has been profound for me. I was recovering from severe depression after going through a series of losses, including both of my parents, my job, the love of my life, and my two cats – all back to back within a 2 year span. Finding out about this trait was the true beginning of my healing process and my life. Thank you for doing this documentary and helping to change the lives of so very many people.

  • Diana Reeder

    I just received information about you from a friend. She told me that she thought I should take this test because she recognized these qualities in me as well as herself. I passed with flying colors. I didn’t know there was a name for it and some of the questions to which I answered “yes” surprised me. I work in community theatre and am very sensitive to distractions from the audience during a play… to the point that some are calling me the “preshow Nazi” because I give a lot of instructions to the audience before our shows about noises and lights, etc. I look forward to seeing your movie.

  • Wendy

    Thank you and thank you! As a child, my parents used to tell me big girls don’t cry and to not be so sensitive. I quickly learned to hide myself away whenever I felt like crying or when I was overwhelmed. I always felt different and flawed until I read your book a few years back. I have two daughters whom I have passed this trait to. Empowered with the knowledge that I am not alone as a highly sensitive person, I can work with them so that they understand that they are not flawed but gifted and teach them some positive skills so that they can channel their gift and not be overpowered by it. I can’t wait to watch the documentary!

  • Meredith Graves

    Yes, thank you thank you! I am just overwhelmed by all this and relieved that I am certainly not alone. I past the test with flying colors. I feel like I understand myself better now and our daughters and now my husband can understand us better. Can’t wait to see the documentary.

  • Jayme Barrett Gordis

    I just heard of this project the other day from someone I never met before. I was so thrilled to learn about it, as I was a psychology major at UC Santa Cruz from 1991-1995 and remember Dr. Elaine Aron speaking about her research in one of my psych classes – maybe even before she earned her PhD (not quite sure) but I do remember feeling that this description applied to me. And it applies to other people in my life now to an even greater degree. I can’t wait to see the documentary. Best wishes, Jayme

  • Cheryl

    Has the film been released yet? I have been looking everywhere…

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