Elaine Aron explains high sensitivity to those who do not have the trait. In this short video Elaine Aron packs in all the basic information about high sensitivity, an innate trait found in 20% of the population, as well as why it should be of interest to everyone. She explains that we once all lived in small groups, where we naturally knew who was sensitive, who was not, and valued what each contributed to the survival of the whole. We have lost that knowledge of each other and need to regain it. In particular, the 80% have lost their understanding of the 20%, leading to many lost opportunities for both groups.

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  • Abby van Spronsen- Greenwald

    I heard about Elaine Aron from a very close childhood frined – (we are both now almost 64) after having an EEG and learning about my high sensitivity in the frontal lobe of my brain. This was a revelation to me as it explains so much about the struggles I have had in many close relationships and has blocked my ability to choose an appropriate partner with whom I can build intimacy, as well as to sustain it, if I were to chose wisely. I was not able to access the trailer to the film, but am hoping to.

    I am now fascinated by this diagnosis of HSP and wnat to learn as much as possible about it, with the hope that, led by my strong faith in God, I can grow more confident in dealing with my strong emotions.

    Abby van Spronsen- Greenwald

  • Michelle

    As a parent of a now young adult HSP I am truly anticipating this film’s release. I also teach elementary school where I am highly aware and responsive to my HSP students. Can’t wait to see it.

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