Sensitive — The Untold Story is getting more attention than we anticipated and that is very special. The film is still in development and already the awareness about HSPs is growing exponentially. Non-HSP’s are embracing the author Elaine Aron’s revolutionary discovery and so are the comments. In the broadcast industry we pray for our work to stimulate conversation between ALL and get people asking questions and that is clearly happening.

Based on what I have been reading I thought I might interject the following; First and foremost thank you all for your comments, support and participation. Next, the narrator on the sizzle is what we call a ‘scratch track’ (temporary) and is only being used for the Kickstarter campaign. We will be utilizing a known voice for the actual film. Also, the pacing of the film will be drawn out so that it can be digested and followed in a very comprehensive manner, classic story telling techniques will be implemented and ALL CONTENT will be approved by Elaine Aron. The music will be diverse and appeal to all, as does the subject matter (HSP). And, the best part of it is we are going to go under the hood of this delicate subject and discover what the scientists, the therapists, the Non-HSP’s and the HSP’s have to say about this innate trait. You will hear from ALL walks of life. What makes this so wonderful is we are all going to be discovering together. So, If you have a great story about yourself and/or a family member, friend or associate, please share it and we may be able to shed new light on this age old trait.

My approach in presenting information is to be transparent. I encourage you all to continue expressing your feelings as it represents how unique we really are, all in all we are the world. I am excited and inspired to be a part of this important project.

Thanks again!

Will Harper, Sensitive—The Untold Story director/producer.

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  • Gwendolyn S

    I am thrilled that this movie is underway. I have a suggestion of someone you may want to interview [see second paragraph]. Me and my four siblings are extremely HSP–all five of us (we are in our 50’s now, except for the youngest). For decades we attributed our extreme sensitivity to sound, smell, conflict, beauty, chemicals, music, poetry, art, etcetera as a “side effect” from the trauma of our father’s suicide when we were young. Our mother doesn’t seem to have those same sensitivities, although she is a great lady and very compassionate. I am learning that we siblings most likely have some genetic polymorphisms that contribute to our HSP traits–at least I know I do as I’m the only one who has been genetically tested. Surely, the trauma as suicide “loss survivors” has contributed to our HSP traits. I have been sensitive to chemicals my whole life, but concentrated exposure to toxic varnish fumes at a 3-hour opera rehearsal ten years ago left me virtually homebound for 7 months. I wondered why no one else became debilitated after that rehearsal. My husband and I have prayed and searched for answers so that I may lead a more normal life.

    This past year we were led to Dr. Jeanne Drisko, MD, one of the foremost specialists in the country in her field (Riordan Professor of Orthomolecular Medicine and director of the Program in Integrative Medicine at the University of Kansas Medical Center) . Most of her patients seem to be HSP or cancer patients. I would highly recommend interviewing her. You can contact her through the KU Medical Center.

    I have sought help from dozens of doctors over the past ten years (allopathic and integrative), spent tens of thousands of dollars, and I have done a great deal on my own to manage my extreme sensitivities (changes to my diet and an Ayurvedic lifestyle helps a lot). The greatest help has come from my lifestyle/ stress management AND Dr. Drisko’s protocol. I am experiencing balance and hope as an HSP! I’m still sensitive in the positive areas, but I am less susceptible to the negative effects HSP can experience. I have more predictable energy, and my grown children keep telling me this winter how happy it makes them to realize that I have a great sense of humor.

    Good luck with this important endeavor. I can’t wait to see the movie. If you have any questions or need input, please contact me. I’d be happy to help.
    Gwen Soper

  • Leah

    I finally understand all parts of my life. From childhood to now. I am so grateful for your books, that I am currently reading. It certainly helps in keeping me healthy physically and emotionally!
    Looking forward to more books and movies in the future.:)

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