The film Sensitive.  Bestselling author Dr. Elaine Aron meets Hollywood in a collaboration with the Emmy Award winning GlobalTouch Group Inc. to produce ‘SENSITIVE’ – The Untold Story.

My name is Will Harper. I am a Film Director of sorts (The Oprah Show, Clint Eastwood’s Mal Paso Productions, Jamie Foxx’s ‘Unleashed’ and The Nelson Mandela Special, to see more visit  Producer, Diana Sinelnikova Harper (National PBS’s Pinot Noir – The Holy Grail of Wine, Tovkailo (Ukrainian Fine Artist) – Connecting Centuries and Co-Producer ‘The Trumpet Awards’ – Turner Broadcast Artist Group International’s ‘Behind the Artist Series’) are at the production helm for this groundbreaking documentary.

This is my personal take on how this project concept came together. The fact is, at first, I was suspect.  I did not know what to call whatever it was that I am.  Then I bumped into Elaine Aron and her husband and scientist Arthur Aron, Ph.D., who just happen to be our neighbors. The Aron’s are very good-natured folks who do not show boat. However, they do hike, river raft, boogey board, ride horses, meditate and all those groovy Marin activities.  We chatted as neighbors do, and when we found out that she was the author of this book ‘The Highly Sensitive Person’ I asked for an autographed copy.  Eventually I even opened it and started reading.

Wham-o. I immediately knew who, what, where, when and how I have survived all of these years as the creative person that I am. I AM A HIGHLY SENSITIVE PERSON (HSP), WOW! And, I love it!!! I used to think I was off center J No! I am just left of ON POINT. So, once I found out that I was an HSP it took months before the notion of doing a film became a reality. The more we discovered the more I was captivated by the notion of making a feature length documentary, about this amazing discovery. I did not realized that approximately 20% of the world’s population is highly sensitive as well. WOWZERS! Which means 1 out of every 5 people have this unique and innate trait? YES! They even claim that Abe Lincoln was HSP.  Now that’s cool. I also heard it through the grapevine that Marvin Gaye was sensitive as well.

Okay, back to the point!  Now that I know that I, and many of my friends are HSP. I asked Dr. Elaine if she would entertain the idea of us making a movie/documentary about her life and her REAL LIFE discovery of The Highly Sensitive Person. Many have touched on the subject from Oprah to the Huffington Report, but they have not gotten underneath the hood of this VERY interesting finding….that will be our job!

Note! To me this discovery is like uncovering the Holy Grail of psychology.  Awesome!

To my surprise this unassuming brainiac (Dr Elaine Aron) said YES! So here we are on the eve of the tipping point of taking this revolutionary breakthrough and PROPERLY introducing it to the WORLD. And, we are doing it with your support….the entire project is being crowd funded i.e., Kickstarter is our partner in this endeavor. You, the world community will either help us make this film come true or we go back to the genie’s lamp and start rubbing. Judging by the responses we are receiving, I think there are a lot of HSPs and their close others who really want to see this project come to fruition. So, with that being said, I think this story will happen. This is one of the most exciting times in my life. Maybe that’s because I am a Highly Sensitive Person. Thank You


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  • Jana Jopson

    This was a lovely addition to the movie story, those behind-the-curtain details that bring another layer of richness and depth. Thank you, Will, for sharing your moment of discovery. I smiled in recognition of the feeling. Blessings and beautiful moments of serendipity to you and all the cast and crew as the project unfolds.

  • Rich Walcott

    I find this research life changing. I have spent my life (I’m now 62) yelling at myself for being so sensitive and so full of fear. I remember watching the Wizard of Oz and hoping no one would think I’m the cowardly lion. This was way back in the 1st grade. Its been hell. I hope your research goes on and finds even more. Thanks so much. Please send me the link where I can donate. By the way my mother had the exact same sensitivity and didn’t know how to deal with it.

  • Judith Fine-Sarchielli

    Your trailer is very inspiring. The more people learn about this the more our planet will evolve towards true inner and outer peace. I recommend Maria Hill’s work and newsletter as regards this subject. for more HSP information.

  • Harry Pearle

    Can you please let me know about the cost (if any) for public showings of SENSITIVE?

    In Rochester, NY, where I live, there is a mental health group which shows films.
    I have suggested that they consider SENSITIVE, this summer. Please get back to me, ASAP.

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