“Sensitive” film premiere

Dear “Sensitive” fans! The film premiere is scheduled for September 10, 2015 at the prestigious Legion of Honor in San Francisco! The screening will be followed by Q&A with author Dr. Elaine Aron and “Sensitive” film producers. For more info please visit


We look forward to seeing you at the Legion of Honor!


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  • Cindy Smith

    When can we see this film in Germany?

  • Sunny

    I am beyond ecstatic in anticipation of this film. While I cannot attend the premiere, I will be there in spirit with everyone! We all need this. Everyone needs to embrace what HSP really is, and a beautifully crafted film is just the ticket!!! I live in a community that would support this work and it’s message, so I look forward to having a DVD so I can show this to friends & groups, and continue to help the “awareness-effort”. This is a potent time in our culture — we are ready to embrace things that previously were misunderstood, and take our connections and understanding of each other to new levels.

    Good on all of you for your dedication to the film. I am grateful everyday for my discovery of this via a class I took which subsequently offered me the opportunity to hear Dr. Aaron’s speak in the late 90’s in Santa Barbara on Highly Sensitive Children and her book. I’m sure I am like many … finding more and more ways this helps me understand my past, present and future. The knowledge of the importance of recognizing HSP and what it means for us living as HSP is also growing in depth and practice for me. I am finally so grateful for this wonderful “operating system” of mine … 🙂

    I look forward to news of the release to DVD of this film. Please post when this will be available — will you offer pre-sales???

    🙂 Sunny

  • Sylvia

    Can you tell me when the dutch fans will be able to see it???

  • Corinna

    I am so looking forward when this movie is finally coming to Germany!

  • elli

    To the producers: When will it premiere in New York? The angelica theatre accepts many Independent films, Sundance films, etc. Please look into it. If you need my help, let me know.

  • Ansu

    Hi, I am from South Africa. Cannot wait to see this movie. Are their any plans to release it worldwide?

  • Karina

    How or when can we see this in the UK?

  • Soraya

    Can we buy the film online or better, can we organize a première in Europe, starting in Belgium? I have time to organize!

  • Tammy


    I am really excited to watch this movie.. If we missed the live streaming is there another way we can watch this movie? I am in Australia. Thankyou,


  • Linda

    I am so looking forward to the release of the DVD!

  • Andrea

    I want, NEED to see this movie in it’s entirety. I have just discovered info about HSP after someone suggested that I search for jobs that would work well for my personality. I didn’t really even know there were others who were like me. I felt crazy and depressed…the depression has been a lifelong battle! Doctor after doctor and nothing! I just went through an intensive treatment program for my depression and not once was this mentioned! I am so happy to have found out about all of this. How can I see the movie now that the date has passed??

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