Singapore, a beautiful, tiny island in Southeast Asia, welcomed our team with open arms over the holiday season, giving us the perfect spot to embark on our next big project- the sequel to “Sensitive-The Untold Story” dedicated to raising highly sensitive children.

Located between Malaysia and Indonesia, The Garden City inspires people and nations all over the world with its brief but rich history. Having abruptly gained its independence fifty years ago, Singapore’s first president and founding father, Lee Kuan Yew, not only saved the island from a state of chaos and civil unrest, but managed in this short time to turn Singapore into one of the world’s most prosperous and future oriented countries.

Today Singapore is home to quite a few stunningly futuristic projects, one of the most iconic being its Gardens by the Bay, decorating the island’s skyline with its giant Avatar-like Supertrees and its gorgeous bio-domes. We were honored to film some of the scenes for Sensitive – The Untold Story sequel at this stunning iconic location.

We made our trip to Singapore primarily to meet a family whose story will be one of the stories featured in the Sensitive sequel. Leila Boukarim blogs over at Sensitive and Extraordinary Kids, where she shares honest stories about the joys and challenges of raising a Highly Sensitive Child.

Leila and her husband Haig, originally from Lebanon and now residing in Singapore, told us stories of what life was like for them before they found out their eldest was highly sensitive, the difficulties they had to deal with, and how and why things started to change for all of them. Leila told us about the moment she found the inspiration to write a children’s book, All Too Much for Oliver, to help others like her son feel less alone in her struggles.

Our productive filming in Singapore ended with the screening of Sensitive – The Untold Story to an audience of folks who, as we found out after the film, were there hoping to find answers to questions that have weighed heavily on them for much too long. During the discussion which took place at the end of the session, some people expressed their feelings of “shame” which made them reluctant to publicly RSVP to the event, and almost kept them from showing up in the first place. The highlight of our evening however was hearing from most of them how relieved they felt knowing they (and their children, for some) were “normal”. Some of them said they were now confident enough to speak up about their sensitivities because, after all, if Alanis Morissette was proud of the way she was, then they could be as well.

A very special thank you to Leila Boukarim who made the screening possible. She managed to get approval and a PG movie rating from the Media Development Authority of Singapore in two weeks instead of the required five weeks, got us a screening room on short notice, and successfully promoted the event in only a few days, all because of her passion for the cause.

About Sensitive-The Untold Story sequel

The process through which our first film, Sensitive – The Untold Story, came about created a real buzz. From the very first stages when we launched our Kickstarter campaign to the premiere of the movie, people all over the world (that’s you guys!) really got to talking about what it meant that the topic of sensitivity was about to become popularized.  The film made it on the top ten must see documentaries list in an impressive line up that includes Oprah’s latest production “Belief”.

Not long ago, many of us were hiding in the shadows, feeling like no one would ever understand us when we hardly understood ourselves. And now, with science to prove sensitivity is neither a weakness nor a disorder, and world-famous artists speaking up about their own sensitivities (Alanis Morissette!), soon the world would begin to see what we’ve been going through our entire lives.

When we all reached this very important milestone together with our first film, many of you, the parents mainly, started to request we do the same thing, but this time for our Highly Sensitive Children. After all, this is where it all begins. If a child’s parents, family members, teachers and caregivers understand, support, and help, a world of problems can be prevented from the very beginning, problems that might never be fixed in adults who didn’t get what they needed growing up.

We are currently on the search for more families with inspiring stories about raising a Highly Sensitive Child, the obstacles they had to deal with, and what they might have done (or wanted to do but couldn’t). If you have a story you’d like to share with us, and would like a chance to be featured in the film, please email it to us in 500 words or less at with the subject line MY STORY.



Supertrees at the icnoic Gardens by the Bay at sunset time are not there just for looks but mainly for functionality. These magnificent metal structures are equipped with energy harvesting canopies allowing them to use sun, wind and rain to produce the electricity the park needs to run.

Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the Bay after sunset.

Leila and Haig with thir boys Luca and Alex during the filming of Sensitive sequel at the Gardens by the Bay in Singapore. Their compelling story will be in the film.

Leila and Haig with thir boys Luca and Alex during the filming of Sensitive sequel at the Gardens by the Bay in Singapore. Their compelling story will be in the film.

Flower Dome at the Gardens by the Bay, Singapore.

Gardens by the Bay, Singapore.


Gardens by the Bay, Singapore.

The iconic Marina Bay Sands resort and lotus-shaped ArtScience museum in Singapore.

Supertrees at the Gardens by the Bay against the iconic Marina Bay Sands as a backdrop.

Filming in the classroom at the German European School in Singapore.

Filming in the classroom at the German European School in Singapore.

Luca with Sensitive-The Untold Story director Will Harper.


































































































































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