There is no bigger reward than witnessing the impact Sensitive-The Untold Story is having on the lives of highly sensitive people and the people around them. When we conducted interviews for the film the vast majority of highly sensitive adults admitted that their parents didn’t understand them when they were growing up. As a result they struggled with self-esteem issues and sometimes depression. This is why we are making the sequel that will be dedicated to raising the highly sensitive children. Because this is where it all begins.

Click here to read the latest blog by Leila Boukarim, the author of “All Too Much For Oliver”- a picture book for highly sensitive children. Leila’s riveting story will be one of the stories featured in the Sensitive-The Untold Story sequel, dedicated to raising the highly sensitive children.

photo by Leila Boukarim

photo by Leila Boukarim


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  • Sahnya

    I am so thrilled this documentary is finally available! In my experience, this work is long overdue and imperative for all generations who resonate with being HSP (a life we do not chose, it is just in our wiring). I also am pleased to see there will be a sequel and the boundless backing and support you are getting. Bravo to all of you!

  • Toni

    I really want to see this film. Was registered to attend the screening at SF State this month but homework held me up. When or will you be showing this again?

  • Angelique

    I am an HSP that suffers from Panic Disorder and Major Depression. It is a delicate balance and I feel as though I have had to adjust my expectations because I want to do more than I can handle. Can you talk more about how mental illness affects HSPs?

    • Valerie Palmer

      It is the 1st September 2016 and just found this comment. I am a 72 year old single woman and have HSP and have suffered most of my life from anxiety and depression. And, Yes, I too would like to understand more about the effects of mental illness as I have suffered a lot. You may contact me at Thanks and keep smiling!!

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