We have begun the production of Sensitive and in Love. Our initial work highlights that the subject of sensitivity and love transcends our daily interactions as highly sensitive people and has broader societal implications. Completion of this movie will advance relationships between and among not only HSPs and non –HSPs, but society in general. 
However, the completion of this important work requires further funding for research, development and production of this broadly applicable movie. Your support as a member of the HSP community would be highly appreciated. Please take a moment to see the tip of the spear of our work as well as incentives for partnering with us in completing this film. A minimum contribution of $10 toward completing the research and producing the film provides both a US tax deduction and automatic enrollment in the Sensitive and in Love Society. You will be added to the exclusive Sensitive and in Love email list to receive frequent updates and a complimentary live stream of the completed Sensitive and in Love film upon its release.
To learn more about Sensitive And In Love Society and how you can help please visit
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  • Linda

    Is this the second movie?

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